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How to Secure a Harley Ultra on a Trailer

How to Secure a Harley Ultra on a Trailer

How to Secure a Harley Ultra on a Trailerthumbnail
Securing your Harley Ultra on a trailer requires careful attention and diligent monitoring.

Though motorcycles provide freedom and joy on the road, sometimes the distance you are required to cover with your bike may be too much for either you or the bike to handle. In those situations, it may be necessary to transport your bike on a trailer. Securing a large-body motorcycle such as a Harley Ultra requires careful attention to the placement of your securing straps, as well as continuous monitoring to make sure that the bike remains securely anchored to the trailer.

Moderately Challenging


Things You'll Need

  • Tie-down straps
  • Chocks or wood blocks
    • 1

      Fasten the tie-down straps to secure and stable areas on your Harley's frame where the pressure of the straps will not damage the finish or any mechanical components of the bike.

    • 2

      Attach the straps to the trailer at the designated attachment points. The straps should form a 45-degree angle from the motorcycle to the trailer.

    • 3

      Secure the front wheel of the Harley Ultra with chocks or wood blocks to prevent any slippage or rolling. Secure in front, behind and on the sides of the wheel.

    • 4

      Place blocks under the bike to ensure that the pressure created by the straps is placed on the frame and not the shocks and suspension of the bike.

    • 5

      Tighten the straps to the point where they cannot be plucked. The straps should not give at all.

    • 6

      Secure your Harley with further tie-down straps in addition to the main straps. These straps will act as a back up should any of the main straps fail.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check on your Harley as you are towing it on the trailer. If any of the main straps break or slip, stop immediately and repeat the entire process of securing your bike to the trailer, from the beginning.

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