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How to Polish Harley Davidson Chrome

How to Polish Harley Davidson Chrome

If you have a new Harley Davidson that is becoming dingy, or an older Harley that needs to be spruced up, polish is the ticket. In a few simple steps, you can polish your Harley Davidson chrome to bring it the shine it deserves. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a full-time garage guru, you can complete this task in only a few moments. Keep your Harley looking prime and pristine by polishing dingy chrome immediately.



Things You'll Need

  • Capitan Richard's Best (or an equivalent polish)
  • Slightly moist cotton cloth
  • Dry cotton cloth
    • 1

      Find a polish. There are several polishes on the market for you to choose from. Any auto parts store can help you with this. Most people have a preferred polish for their Harley Davidson chrome. If you do not, try different polishes until you find the one you like the best. For this example, we will use Captain Richard's Best, a favorite among Harley Davidson enthusiasts.

    • 2

      Buy some Captain Richard's Best polish. It can be found in many local stores, as well as on the Internet. It costs about $30.

    • 3

      Take a slightly moist cotton cloth. Spray a little of the Captain Richard's Best on that cloth. Rub the Harley's chrome in a circular motion. This will remove filth and dust.

    • 4

      Grab your dry cotton cloth right away. Gently rub and polish the location you just cleaned. Your Harley Davidson chrome will come to a pristine shine.

    • 5

      Continue with Steps 1 through 4 until all of the Harley Davidson chrome is polished to a fabulous shine.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read all instructions on the polish of your choice before using it on your Harley Davidson.

  • Choose a polish that is completely non-abrasive.

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