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How to Install Harley Cam Gear Drive Kits

How to Install Harley Cam Gear Drive Kits

Harleys use an individual gear drive for each valve. The cams are found along the right-hand side of the engine, underneath a cover. The cam gears are engaged by their crankshaft counterparts and then each cam gear engages its neighbor. This allows the power from the engine to travel through the gears to synchronize and control the valve timing. It's possible to install the cam gear drive kit with just basic tools and a little spare time.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Allen wrench set
  • Bike lift
  • Cam gear drive kit
    • 1

      Use the bike lift to raise the Harley, ensuring the rear wheel is off the ground.

    • 2

      Put the transmission into first gear.

    • 3

      Remove the flywheel inspection plug, using an Allen wrench.

    • 4

      Rotate the rear wheel until you can see the Top Dead Center dimple in the inspection hole. The dimple on the crankshaft gear should be as close to the gear as its point of rotation will allow it.

    • 5

      Locate the cam that is driven directly by the crankshaft gear. Insert this cam halfway into its bushing.

    • 6

      Turn the cam until its locater dimple is aligned with its adjacent gears and the crankshaft dimple. Once lined up, push it fully into its bushing and engage the crankshaft gear with the cam gear.

    • 7

      Push the leftover cams into their bushings and line up the locater dimples. Insert them fully into bushings and engage the cam gears.

    • 8

      Reattach the flywheel inspection plug and safely lower the bike to the ground.

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