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How to Ride a 2008 Harley Fat Boy

How to Ride a 2008 Harley Fat Boy

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Harley FatBoy

In 1990, Harley Davidson introduced a new model to their Softail line of bikes. "The FatBoy was Milwaukee's first novelty bike..." This new model was the creation of Willie G. Davidson, the grandson of the founder, and became an instant sales success. Owners say that because of its low center of gravity, the FatBoy is one of the easiest to ride. The 2008 FatBoy has a 6 speed transmission which also adds to the riders' pleasure.

Moderately Challenging


Things You'll Need

  • Safety helmet with eye shield
  • Leather driving gloves
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      Grab your leather gloves and helmet, approach the FatBoy from the left side. Swing your right leg over the seat and rear fender and sit squarely on the bike. Check the fuel level in both tanks. The 2008 has a fuel capacity of 5 gallons, so make sure that you have enough fuel to get you to your destination.

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      Put your helmet on and adjust the strap so that it is snug, but still comfortable. If your ignition switch is locked, insert your key and turn the switch to the on position while also checking the emergency kill switch on the handlebar. Make sure the transmission is in the neutral position, pull in the clutch lever on the left side and press the starter button on the handle bar near the grip. After the engine starts, release the clutch lever, pull on your gloves and let the engine warm up for several minutes.

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      Place both feet squarely on the ground, looking at both sides of the bike to avoid any loose gravel. Grab both handle bars and bring the bike off of the kick stand to the upright position. Disengage the clutch by pulling in the left lever. With your right foot on the ground, put the transmission in first gear by pushing down on the shift lever on the bottom left side on the bike.

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      Plan your exit route from where you are parked, looking for other vehicle traffic and dangers such as potholes or parking bumpers. With your left foot, swing the kickstand into its upright position. Looking again in both directions, slowly release the clutch lever with your left hand, while twisting the throttle toward yourself with your right hand.

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      Carefully click up through the gears with your left foot and clutch lever, as your speed and rpm's are increased. In regular traffic, it is not necessary to get into 6th gear. Use high gear when you are out on the open road. Always look ahead, and keep a safe distance from other traffic. Keep checking both rear mirrors to see what is coming up behind you. When slowing down, apply the hand brake, right lever, as well as the right foot brake. Enjoy your FatBoy ride. You are on top of one of the most head turning bike available from Harley Davidson.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Experienced Rider Course given by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a good idea no matter how much saddle time you have logged. Make sure that you have plenty of riding experience and confidence before taking a passenger with you.

  • The kickstand is spring loaded; make sure it is in the upright position and has not swung down. If the kickstand remains down, it can snag objects that can cause you to lose control of the bike.

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