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About the Harley Davidson Fatboy

About the Harley Davidson Fatboy

About the Harley Davidson Fatboythumbnail
About the Harley Davidson Fatboy

The Harley Davidson Fat Boy is a softtail bike equipped with wide tires and fat forks. Everything about this bike says "fat," including the gas tank, which holds five gallons of fuel. The 96-cubic inch engine pounds out 90 foot-pounds of torque at 2,750 rpm, giving the Fat Boy a belly-load of power.

  1. History

    • Harley Davidson motorcycles have been in existence since 1901 when William Harley drew his first set of plans. Throughout the years there have been many different Harley motorcycles. One of the best moves Harley made was to introduce the Fat Boy in 1990, giving Harley the best sales record for the heavier cruising bikes.


    • The Harley Davidson Fat Boy is a custom cruiser---made for taking long trips without too much suffering on the rider's backside. The seat is large enough for a second person to comfortably ride along on the longer trips. The Fat Boy is ideal for cross-country bike trips.


    • Different types of Fat Boys were made in different years. In 2005 Harley Davidson created a 15th anniversary Fat Boy custom cruiser with a smaller engine (88 cubic inches). This particular Fat Boy has 88 foot-pounds of torque at 3,800 rpm. While the engine is smaller than the engine in the 2007 Fat Boy, the qualities of the bike are the same---it allows for long cruises without complaints from the driver's various body parts. In 1994 the FXR frame was replaced with the Dyna frame, giving the earlier bikes a slightly different look, though in 1999 and 2000 Harley brought the FXR frame back or a few limited edition models.


    • Harley Davidson Fat Boys have many different aftermarket options that can be easily applied to the bike. One of the best options is the add-on luggage. Saddlebags are made just for the Fat Boy---the bags can be made from leather or fiberglass. The Fat Boy also has a trunk specifically made for the bike. The trunk is attached to the rear fender and sissy bar and allows for storage of extra items for long trips. There are also many bolt-on chrome applications available for the Fat Boy---from custom air cleaners to foot pegs and highway pegs. Because of the popularity of the Harley Davidson Fat Boy, there is no shortage of aftermarket pieces to prettify the bike.


    • The Harley Davidson Fat Boy is a large bike---just one of the considerations you must take into account if you are vertically challenged. If your feet do not touch the ground, you must be an experienced rider. The weight of the bike---680 pounds dry (no fuel or extras such as bags added) will throw around even a strong person who can reach the ground in an uncontrollable situation.

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