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How to Rent a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

How to Rent a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

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Rent a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

I live in a desert area with lots of open roads and scenic mountain loops. I have not wanted a Harley for my daily transportation as we do get very snowy winters and everyday city ridding is a safety concern. The next best thing is an all day or weekend rental.

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      Most Harley Davidson dealerships offer rentals. In addition many private rental agencies are out there. The rates I found are typically $100 to $150 a day. You get a full tank of gas and you are responsible to return your motorcycle full just like a car rental. Some of the Utah canyon lands and the West coast highway 101 route are my favorite destinations. Many nation wide companies like EagleCompany offer one way rentals if you want to ride to a destination and fly or drive back.

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      Most rentals are well maintained and include 24 hour roadside service. Some models have a GPS system plug in available if you are doing a long ride through unknown territory. You will need to have insurance proof or purchase supplemental insurance. You will need a valid motorcycle drivers license for rental. If you are from out of the U.S. you need a motorcycle allowance on your international drivers license.

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      They are available for rent but if you have them bring your own gloves, motorcycle jacket, boots and possibly rain gear for longer rides. One motorcycle helmet is generally included. If you have a passenger they will need one or rent one from the agency.

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      If your goal is not so much a long ride but just want to test different types of bikes like a Harley Davidson Softail or Sportster, then don't go through the cost of rental. Dealerships generally have demo bikes and some motorcycle dealerships even sponsor demo ride days and group tours. These are like test driving a car and usually don't have a cost involved. Sometimes they will have you block out an amount on a credit card as a damage waiver.

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