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How to Check the Oil on a Harley

How to Check the Oil on a Harley

Owning and driving motorcycles is becoming a popular activity. Keeping your Harley well-maintained and lubed correctly is crucial in order for your motorcycle to run properly and last for a long time. One key thing to check on your Harley motorcycle engine is the oil. Checking the oil is easy when you follow the proper procedures.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • paper towel
  1. Checking the Oil on a Harley

    • 1

      Drive your Harley motorcycle onto a level piece of ground.

    • 2

      Allow the engine to cool and the oil to settle out of the piston chamber into the oil pan. This will take 20 to 40 minutes.

    • 3

      Pull out the oil dipstick on the right side of the engine. If you are sitting on the seat, the oil dipstick is located by your right ankle.

    • 4

      Wipe the oil off of the dipstick with the paper towel. Replace the dipstick into the oil dipstick hole completely and then pull it back out. Make sure the oil level is between the add oil and the full line.

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